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The translated form of Bengali literature on the way to the world

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The translated form of Bengali literature on the way to the world

Actions organized with pursuit easily influence people's lives.An author portrays society in its pursuits and composes a sweet guide to the path of life with a combination of wisdom and example.Numerous works of Bengali literature have been appreciated all over the world for ages.This streak of recognition will continue to the ends of the earth as evidenced by the contribution of our new generation.Another proof of the continuity of the era is visible today occupying the world stage.

For example; A few days ago, a new pursuit was added to this streak of success.The book "How to become popular" written by Mufti Muhammad NomanKasemi, the most popular and world-famous writer in the religious society of Bangladesh, has been translated into English based on the reader's demand and published in some countries of the world under the name "Charismatic Character".In his pursuit, the author wants to forget the stories of the current society's disappointment and make the readers narrate hundreds of success stories related to divine word.The first publication of the translated book created a stir in the reading community after it was unveiled in Bangladesh last August.

In the translation of the book, the young writer Md. JabedAlam introduced a unique hidden talent of Bangladesh with direct knowledge and effort.The book has been produced by MaktabatulAhnaf and is being marketed in various libraries of the country and abroad. Bangladesh and Readers living in America can easily collect the book.

An excerpt from the book is mentioned below for the information and interest of the readers;

“Try to win but not compete”

There will be many obstacles in the way of life, there will be storms, there will be collisions, there will be stumbling, we have to move forward by overcoming everything. However, overcome this transgression by winning, not by competing. Many people say that all the blows of life, ignoring the repercussions, have to deal with everything and move forward. No not at all, because the battle is fought, and the battle is won or lost. If you are defeated in the fight, then it will be difficult to survive. And if you win; But of course the losers will work against you. Until the end, one day they too can take the victory. On the other hand, if you proceed with the mindset of winning the heart, there will be no possibility of defeat. You have to die or have to kill in facing the war, but you don't have to die or kill to win. The thing that is achieved by winning the hearts of all is called real victory. So if you can win hearts, no one will oppose. Everyone will support, the main way to gain your popularity is the support of everyone. One more thing needs to be said. In the course of life, you should always remember that you should not look left or right, think “I am a traveler; the path is mine, the king has made it, or it has been made with the money of a wicked person, I do not know. The task of the traveler is to move forward in search of the goal along the way, after reaching the goal the dust of the feet should be thrown away, the path should remain in the place of the path. If you look for any defects in the road or sidewalk on the way, it will be too late to reach the target. God forbid, if there is an accident on the way! What will be the way then?

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