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About Us

News platform Channel 786 started its journey as a community news network in New York, the USA in 2020. This online-based news network platform started broadcasting news as well as various programs for expatriate Bengali speakers.

Popular shows include New York Diary, News Now, Thoughts of Ramadan, Darse Hadith, Trina Turzo’s storytelling. The authorities have taken the initiative to reform this platform as television as the popularity has increased.

Following this, Channel 786 started its journey with the aim of disseminating news, information, and programs of the Bengali community in New York, Channel 786 started its journey. FM 786 is strongly determined to fulfill the needs of the viewer’s changing its name and adding more new programs, said the company's chief executive Muhammad Shahidullah.

Channel 786" has desired the cooperation of the viewers, advertisers, and well-wishers to go ahead for executing more initiatives. Channel 786 is thinking of delivering significant news of Bangladesh to expatriate American Bangladeshis as well as community news.

150-15 Hillside Ave,
Jamaica, Queens
New York, NY 11432