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UMR extended its help to the injured Palestinians

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UMR extended its help to the injured Palestinians

Has been supporting the people in crisis in different parts of the world since the establishment of UMR. This time, the charity organization is standing next to the victims of the Israeli attack in Gaza, Palestine.

Recently, 44 Palestinians were killed and many injured in the three-day Israeli attack. UMR appealed for global help to provide treatment, food and shelter to the injured. The petition published on its website states that by paying $100, a Palestinian family can be helped with a food basket.

In this way, a package of 200 dollars to 2 families, 500 dollars to 5 families, and 1000 dollars to 10 families has been announced. Besides, by paying 250 dollars, 100 injured people can be supported with medical supplies.

Thus, a package of 1000 dollars for 400 injured persons and 2500 dollars for 1000 injured persons has been announced.

Many have already responded to UMR's call.

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